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Parent Coordination and Facilitation        

Parenting Coordinators and Facilitators assist family courts by providing services for high conflict couples who need guidance in child custody issues and child scheduling. Coordinators and Facilitators are appointed by the judges and paid by the families according to Texas and state statutes in other states as well. 

Parenting coordination and parenting facilitation are specialized mediation services offered to divorcing and/or divorced parents who need assistance in resolving child-centered custody disputes by developing and implementing workable parenting plans when parents are distracted by their high conflict relationship. Bother services may be ordered for families through the court for these high conflict families and are codified in the Texas Family Code. 

When parents have intense and prolonged inter-parental conflict, not only does it impair their ability to work together, it disrupts their ability to deal effectively with their children. This becomes very costly to the family in terms of money spent in litigation, emotional stress, mental health expenses for the children and ineffective parenting. Money and time are misused and often wasted. Parenting coordination and facilitation helps the parents and their child(ren) move forward to healthier and more satisfying life decisions. 

In cases of child alienation. in which one or both parents engage in isolating or defamatory behavior, coordinators or facilitators are appointed by the family court to help these families make quality decisions in the best interest of their children and to keep their co-parenting relationship child-centered in a win-win way. 





The major difference between Parent Coordination and Parent Facilitation is that Coordination is a confidential process similar to mediation. Parenting Coordinators may not be subpoenaed to appear in court. Parenting Facilitation refers to the national use of mental health professionals in a blended  role known as "Case Managers". Parent Facilitation brings additional monitoring and reporting to the courts as well as providing assistance to the parents, and their attorneys which is in the best interest of the children. Through reports and court appearance, parent facilitators are able to provide information to the courts and therefore this process is not confidential.   

If you have been court ordered to participate in Parent Facilitation, you will need to download and complete the forms included in order to begin the process.  The forms are located in the parent facilitator folder under: New Client Intake Forms