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I earned a Master of Education in Counseling and Development from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. I hold a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor license from the Texas State Board of Examiners and Professional Counselors.
    All therapists have a belief about how personality develops.  I believe that our personalities are influenced and shaped by our families of origin. Our reactions to the circumstances of life are often learned behaviors that can be traced back to significant loved ones from our younger years. You only have to see my children together to believe this to be true. For years they have made the same facial expressions, laughed at the same jokes and completed each other's sentences.  I'm really enjoying seeing the similarities in my grandchildren. This is not to say, we can't change. I do believe that when people take an honest look at their values and beliefs, they can see areas they wish to change. Once we identify a "faulty belief", changing behavior becomes easier. 
    My aim in therapy is to provide a safe environment in which my clients are able to explore challenges they are currently facing. As individuals we often look to family and friends for support and understanding. Many times we are left feeling conflicted over our shared confidences. Having someone to truly listen to us who is not emotionally vested in our lives gives each of us an opportunity to learn and grow from all the experiences our life has to offer us. I also frequently crawl into the pit of pain with my clients so they know they are not alone. When they are strong enough to crawl out of the pit, I hold the flashlight and lead the way. I believe it is through these connections that we build with others that healing is achieved

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